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Outreach and Education

Student Training and Research Opportunities

Local Community Outreach and Education

Children Education and Awareness Events

Liz AD Campbell Atlas Golden Wolf Project community engagement outreach education conservation

Conducting interviews and surveys with local shepherds and the general public not only allows us to gather valuable information on human-predator conflict but also acts as an outreach and education opportunity to increase tolerance towards predators. In addition to regularly conducting outreach during surveys and interviews, AGWP has organized larger community events to discuss wildlife conflict issues, deliver accurate information, and work together to develop potential solutions.


Collaborating with local universities, AGWP has given lectures on the African golden wolf and practical training on non-invasive research techniques to graduate students, as well as offers opportunities for students to be involved in the research as translators/transcribers for investigations of human-predator conflict. 

Liz AD Campbell Atlas Golden Wolf Project WildCRU outreach education awareness community engagemnt

Educational events with local school children raises awareness about conservation issues and the value of predators to an ecosystem, fostering pro-conservation attitudes and inspiring future scientists and conservationists.

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